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Acid House, an oldie but a goodie.

The PLDT Smart Foundation and Cinemabuhay today announced the start of the submission process for script entries to the 2009 competition. The PSF foundation makes an annual award of one million pesos for a script by a new filmmaker. (more…)

PSP at Truthfest Roxas Blvd, Manila together with Tutok, Artists’ Arrest, Neo-Angono & Ugat Lahi. More photos at the PSP website.

Johanna Velasco is an illustrator and photographer from Cebu, Philippines. She creates images using acrylics, pencils, Photoshop and her trusty DSLR. She likes Klimt, Dave Mckean, Radiohead, people’s faces and all things dark and gnarly.

more info: chocolatenostalgia