To celebrate the launch of +63 we’re giving away Two +63 vinyl stickers (like the one on my laptop, see image above) and a Bo’s Doodle Book. The doodle book isn’t sponsored by Bo’s by the way, hehe.

Who gets to win these stuff? Be the ( )th number person to leave a comment. Not just for this entry, but on other posts as well. Only the editors know which ones are the winning numbers!

Comment away! :)


  1. love bo’s. must be tough competition for starbucks planner if they release one like this. :P

  2. hahaha!…great idea!… ngayun madami na mag comment sa site. instead na nagbbrowse lang cla (este kami!…) :D

    btw… What’s the factor of this “nth” number?

  3. COMMENTTT! haha pwede ba ko manalo kahit author ako? HAHAHA

  4. nice. finally a (good) filipino design portal.
    sana ako ang nth poster!

  5. ser dan! pacomment comment comment comment hehehe

  6. Dan! gusto ko nyan :D uuwi ako next week.
    congrats nga pala dito. ganda.

  7. pa-spam ah. thanks. next time tees naman k? :)

  8. wheee~ comment comment comment~ hahaha! Sana maswerte!

  9. Ahh oks to sana manalo ko hehehe!!! galing tlaga…idol!

  10. i want one.. doodle doodle doodle.. =)

  11. Dan, what’s your function in life?

  12. sweet! Congrats sa site dan!

  13. Sir! Comment ko na ito. haha

  14. nakakailang comment na ba!… hahahha. comment comment comment..

  15. Hi jhona, :D welcome to +63 again. :D

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