A collaboration between Acidhouse Post, Inksurge and EverywhereWeShoot, a music video for Up Dharma Down. Amazing stuff!

Proximity Philippines, in support of the 7 museum exhibition of Fernando Amorosolo’s paintings taking place in Manila for a four month period from next week, has developed a digital campaign that offers visitors to the Amorsolo Retrospective website, www.amorsoloretro.com, the opportunity to hang their very own Amorsolo painting on their Multiply or blog site.

Source: BBDO Guerrero Blogsite

Be amazed with Wham Bacabac‘s strong illustration style. His portrait illustrations are must-sees.

Like having your newly washed face smashed into a huge generous bowl of delicious red jello peppered with fire ants and diced sweet fresh mango bits, power duo Ryan Vergara and Garovs Garrovillo delivers delightfully crafted and oddly satisfying works of juxtaposed beauty and grime in Everywhereweshoot. :)

The coffee junkies over at inksurge updates with some new work.  I think inksurge is the BEST design team in the Phil and one of the premier design studios in the world.  Original, forward-thinking, and never with out a loss of creativity.