360 Unlimited Arts and Photography is a Philippine-Based VR photography company spearheaded by Rommel Bundalian that produces 360 VR Photography and Panoramas, Panosphere and Interactive panosphere for virtual tours on cd/dvd and website use.

The 360 views of the beach are just a joy to look at every afternoon while inside the office.

Amazing illustrations by Ian Sta. Maria.

TINTA Awards—the Philippines’ first print awards—has recently recognized this years’ winning print ads. Judged by a mix of award-winning international and local ad agency creative directors, the show was spearheaded by the United Print Media Group. To view the winners, follow this link.

Whoa! This is really amazing. RPG: The Philippine’s First Full-Length 3d Animated Picture. This is something we should all be proud of. For updates you can jump to their website here. Can’t wait for 2009.
[Thanks for this Budj]

October 25, 2008 @3PM. Nelz and the guys will be doodling on your Starbucks Tumblers for free.