Grafico Iloco – a small startup design studio based in Ilocos that creates identity, print, web/interactive stuff for their local clients.

Filipinos conquer DBH! Congrats to the talented Myargie for winning today’s tee of the day! Yay.

Fil-Am Johnnie Hamn (Sucka Free) updates his site with High-Quality Interactive works.
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“Fly Aswang – Filipino animation series based on Philippine Mythology. Against their mother Bessie’s wishes, her three Filipina-American daughters travel to Manila for a cousin’s wedding. Instead they are trapped in a vampire or aswang ritual and their family’s history of supernatural power until Bessie comes to save them.”

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Behance (creators of the Behance Network) just recently launched Action Method Online — an online action management platform. I was invited to participate in the closed beta of AMO and I’ve been dependent on it since then. Most of my daily to-do’s are there, and what’s great is I can easily share them to other people involved in the project. Pretty cool stuff.

This is a productivity tool that every Filipino creative shouldn’t miss.