Whoa! This is really amazing. RPG: The Philippine’s First Full-Length 3d Animated Picture. This is something we should all be proud of. For updates you can jump to their website here. Can’t wait for 2009.
[Thanks for this Budj]


  1. this is really impressive! the storyline looks very interesting and also the movie’s website is great! a much better counterpart than Singapore’s first 3d movie (http://www.singtothedawn.com/) wahaha. Proud to be pinoy.

  2. been waiting for someone to bring that up.. haha =)

  3. No offense to Infinite frameworks (they’re really good in post), but… the story is kind of passe already.

  4. Got me goosebumps.. Greatness!

  5. wow! galing asteeg. Proud to be Pinoy!!
    hoping for more 3d animated movies!!

  6. @bel: agrees. no doubt they’re good but yea I’m kinda confused with who their target audience is too. Or I guess it’s just that the RPG came out just right on time to compare it with LOL.

  7. @jonah – tumpak!

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