Anjo is a 21 year old illustrator. Studied Advertising and Public Relations and started as a graphic artist and media relations officer in a PR firm. Presently he entered fashion industry as a full time design artist at Folded and Hung and Jellybean for clothing and marketing. He also works as a freelance art director at Adboard of the Philippines.

Apple Store Philippines has finally opened… online! Yay. They also opened stores in Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Ken Hanson, CEO and design evangelist for Hanson Dodge Creative listed a manifesto for the new designer. This is an interesting topic to talk about especially in the context of Philippine Design.

Ken’s list:
- We are essential to success in this increasingly complex, technology-fueled age. (more…)

There seems to be nothing that Roxy can’t do, she’s an interactive designer, photographer, motion graphic artist, print designer, sound designer, and even a model. She was born in the Philippines and have worked as a TV/Host and Print model for clients like Visa, Pizzahut, UnTV, and many more before moving to Detroit Michigan to joing AU Creative Group.

Cool vector illustrations over at Darlene Sanguenza’s website.