Project by Mark Salvatus @ Green Papaya
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What if you were tasked to take over MMDA and make a new urban plan? What will you do? What will you change? Be creative! be innovative! It can be simple to grand / utopian plan… or serious to fun-unrealistic one… grab your camera and roam the city and see what you can do…

To everyone who has been visiting Plus63, thank you so much. We would like to send our Holiday Cheers to you guys! Asteg!

Our own Paolo Dizon’s work got featured at Typography Served. You can also check his behance page here.

Dunnhill obviously likes color and lovely women (who doesn’t), just look at his portfolio… it screams beautiful! Great detail and compositions in his artworks! A talented artist to look out for.

A photo exhibit showcasing selected individual works from the members of Flickristasindios. This exhibit will display the groups activities and interests. From the simple scenarios of people in different walks of life up to the extraordinary interpretation of the world will be the main subjects.

This group is also working for a good cause to raise funds for its outreach projects. The event will be held on the 15 to 19 of December 2008 at the TriNoMa Mall Cinema Lobby. More info on their website.