neilSilverlens Gallery is proud to present Play, a much awaited solo show by veteran photographer Neal Oshima. Opening on April 15, Wednesday at 6pm, Play will be composed of two sets of works: callotype still life prints, and large cyanotypes. The show will run until May 16, 2009.

fxbFlip through the book of fxb design.

isInksurge updates their site after 3 years. :D Fresh design, fresh works. A must visit. You can also visit their blog — Houseblend here.

Kamote Komplex
Here’s Caroline Dy’s cleverly named blog “Vitamin Dy”, featuring her Tagalog comic strip Kamote Komplex.  It’s basically about college students hanging out in a dorm named as such.   :)


Abi Dayacap’s work shows much about her free spirited and fun loving personality. Her artworks boasts of colorful blended tones and textures with whimsical subjects. She has been spotted over at featuring her 15 beautiful illustrations.  She includes Audrey Kawasaki, Tara Mcpherson, Lilli Peri, Mark Ryden, and Nicoletta Ceccoli as her favorite artists.

Visit her DeviantArt and Carbonmade for more of her works.