thefarmLike a conventional farm, where crops are cultivated and grown to sell at market, The Farm will nurture and cultivate creative talents to be prepared for their future careers. We aim to be known as a hotbed of future creative professionals and the number one resource for new creative graduates in the Philippines. The core components of The Farm Project are each constructed to fully realize the potential of future creative professionals in the fields of art and design. These cornerstones of The Farm Project not only appeal to young graduates who are eager to showcase their work, but also for established creative professionals who are seeking fresh outlooks and skills. From the comprehensive talent pool database to the vibrant and energetic gallery space, employers will benefit greatly from this initiative. The future will bring an array of possibilities for The Farm, including mentoring and scholarship possibilities for an international selection of applicants. It will be an unconventional educational facility with volunteer teachers and events such as workshops and lectures. This will be done in a non-traditional way by being an imaginative incubator for the artists and designers of tomorrow.


  1. This looks awesome- great first exhibit too!

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