Toronto-based designer Bryan Espiritu releases his fourth set of Fully Wholly’s entitled, “You Know, Back Home?” This collection reflects Bryan’s lack of knowledge relating to his Filipino roots. This is the fourth set following up on the Simpsons, Disney, and Yeezy sets.

Bryan describes a Wholly as “a stylized character who is composed of a base or shell that generally has four holes in it. Those four holes provide me with endless possibilities to solving graphic problems. I use the base or shell as a canvas to create the character, and the holes to act as ports to extensions of the character.”

Source: Collect3d & Format


“Unless you’re in the market for a pair of modestly priced loafers, Marikina Shoe Expo may not sound like a promising destination. But while you can always visit for bespoke leather brogues or inexpensive PVC pumps, this U-shaped compound, nestled in Manila’s sprawling Cubao district, offers more than just footwear.” – Global Adviser by Lara Day

Visit Time’s Travel section to see the Cubao X feature headline. Can you say astigas?


The Wall Sticker is featuring Grafikas for it’s latest laptop and iPhone skins! News via twitter/DrewEuropeo


You can check the winners of Yo Card’s Visual with Vision in their Facebook page. YO Card is the only local freecard company in the the Philippines.


Apol Sta Maria’s first ever comic book launch with special Panget shirts on sale and Spaghetti photos to take your picture!

Friday, August 28, 2009 at 8:00pm at Nomnomnom Happy Food