Rusty is a woman of her own kind. An artist of her generation. She paints colors portraying her femininity. Exploring the sexuality and mixing magic to her womenkind. There’s a whimsical touch to every piece she produces. A thing she can never explain but feel it too deeply for words that cannot be described.

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My roommate David Alegre has recently launched his new gallery. Check it out!


The Click Initiative – is a viral campaign that gives an opportunity for the web user to take part in a fund-raising effort for the relief and rehabilitation of typhoon Ondoy victims by way of influencing the future leaders of the Philippines to donate a portion of their campaign money. The Click Initiative is a non-profit and non-government team composed of Jao Bautista, Dan Matutina, Tim Medina, Leandro Mercurio and Val Villar. You may contact them at theteam[at]theclickinitiative[dot]com.

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“After much deliberation and months of shooting, I’ve given in to the allure and romance of my first love, photography – and still being primarily a designer, as a bittersweet consequence I’d have to finally admit that weekends for me may be thing of the past.

Nonetheless, grab a bite of my stuff behind the lens through my newly launched photography blog, and please do spread the word. I’m open for bookings from this point on towards 2010.”

(via J Lucas Reyes)


Idea!s, a social design agency provides creative multimedia solutions in order to enhance the impact and outreach of mission-based organizations. They are communicators. And they like telling good news.

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