Patrick Cabral is vying for a spot in a new reality TV show based in Singapore called HP Space! This contest features 12 creatives who will compete for a chance to become a part of a film production for Bubblegum Crisis (an anime cult classic) based in Sydney.

This is a Project Runway for Graphic Designers – to easily put it. VIEW and VOTE for his audition clip here.


Empowering the Women in Design
An All Women Digital Illustration Exhibit Tour

‘Girlaloo’ is an all women digital illustration exhibit tour that aims entirely in promoting the medium of illustration into an exciting outlet of expression & voice. It is also to encourage more women to enter the digital field, as well as an exposure of their empowerment to the creative design scene.

* University of San Carlos (November 9 to November 13)
* University of the Philippines (November 16 to November 20)
* Benedicto College (November 23 to November 27)

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MTV and DOT just had another fruitful collaboration this time with B.E.P’s This music video also serves as a tourism campaign to attract more people to come to the Philippines. Awesome video is done by We Are Royale – another top motion design agency based in LA.

See the music video here.


Co-Founder and animator of Chibibotoons. An Industrial Engineer who channeled all he learned in optimization into a career in graphic design and animation. Painstakingly teaching himself, learning the tricks of the trade. With motivation from his family and a passion and appreciation for everything cool and pretty (like his wife), Brando “Dok” de Leon is now an animator, a designer, an illustrator… and a guy who doesn’t like talking about himself in the third person.


DOWNPOUR OF SUPPORT Posters for sale in Team Manila stores.  100% proceeds will go to the relief efforts to rebuild the lives of our fellow Filipinos.