The School of Intermedia Film and Technology (Shift) presents the Shift Capsule Classes. The instructors for the classes will be AJ Dimarucot, TeamManila, Inksurge, Ricky Orellana and Raymond Red. For Inquiries you may call 817-4391 or 817-4396 or email


The Film Development Council of the Philippines is proud to host the 180 Microcinema Festival, a nationwide online film competition celebrating the range and diversity of Philippine filmmaking. The Festival emphasizes the merits of the short form, highlighting how its versatile and nomadic nature can catapult Philippine Cinema to thousands of screens worldwide.


November 14, Saturday 3-5pm at Silverlens Gallery, SLab (Silverlens Lab)

This talk bridges the arts and sciences as they both walk and talk a common path. In a rare conversation, a panel of artists and scientists will explore with the audience what it means to be creative in their respective fields. Maria Isabel Garcia, curator of The Mind Museum at Taguig, will mediate this risky rendezvous between artists and scientists. Gilda Cordero-Fernando will conduct a creative exercise-join panel discussion. This activity caps the art exhibit Philippines, Oh My! Philippines of GCF.

More info here.


Creativity, experience and knowledge. Visual brings you 9 of our top local graphic designers / artists of our region. These 9 home grown talents will share to us their stories, processes, and their exceptional work that made them ‘one of the few brightest minds in our industry’. Very nice initiative by our friends from the South. Kudos.


Mark Hontucan loves painting figures. Visit his tumblr page and be amazed by his illustrations. Mark was one of my former students at the University of the Philippines College of Fine Arts.  Nice stuff Mark.