It’s live. The new┬áThe intention remains the same. We just made it more flexible and dynamic for people. Images are sourced from flickr, with a special search string to make it scour Philippines-only images. Even before, I really wanted to extend the reach of Plus63. I had ideas of creating a traveling concert with different independent bands playing all over the Philippines. Time will tell if we can pull this off. But for now, Im just glad we finished the site.

Plus63 runs on the tornado webserver, using jplayer ( a jquery player ) for the audio and masonry js for the flexi divs. Enjoy and share. Cheers!

At the end of the month, we will compile the songs into mixtaple playlists. :) For this month we have 2 Filipino indie bands on the playlist: Rescue a Hero from Cebu and Electric Fun from Manila.

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