Michael Tesch aka Midi OK! is a musician, freelance photographer & graphic artist based in Cebu City Philippines. He has collaborated musically with bands like Urbandub namely on the song “City of Sleeping Hearts” which can be found in Dub’s Embrace Album, which also contains filler ambient works in between songs. As a thank you to the fans and their continued support, he is giving away the new midi OK! album 100% free, exclusively via music.midimoik.com. Download here

Rain Creative Lab‘s latest product – The Paper Browser has been causing quite a stir in Behance.. in a good way. Gaining almost close to 1400 likes, this  pad paper is more than just your typical doodle pad. It’s a wire framing tool that enables designers to have perspective on actual viewing resolution of potential users making it easier to wireframe from sketch and plan ahead on your project. Read more information on how to get this item here.

It’s Manila Design Week next week. See you guys there.

Loving the parody shirts of Electromagnetic Tentacle.