I really like this blog: Anik-anik Love by photographer Mitch Mauricio.

Over the years, Filipinas working overseas have been greatly stereotyped and put in a negative light.

This documentary follows a collective group of global Filipinas who have been deeply affected by these issues and how they chose to respond by sharing the positivity, and the advocacy of a common mission — uplifting the morale of Filipinas everywhere.

View the documentary in 3 parts here:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3



ar·ti·san (ärt-zn, -sn) n.
A skilled manual worker; a craftsperson.

The Artisan is a brand that focuses on cut and sewn pieces. Fairly new in the clothing industry, the brand was brought about by the desire of its owners, Enrico Suarez, EJ Reyes and Christian San Jose, to create a line that would be able to provide affordable, well-made leisurewear that would reacquaint the local industry with the beauty of clothing.

If you’re into branding, Isabel Gatuslao’s portfolio will rock your socks off. Coming from a long break from graphic design, Isabel is back with a vengeance. Don’t forget to check out her blog and other work as well.