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Italia, Set 18, 2011 – As the first year anniversary of my mono-journey away from Manila draws near, I have been thinking about how much the past ten months of being alone has been quite good for me. While there is nothing more comforting than being at home and surrounded by friends and familiar faces, the space that solitude opens up for self-discovery is priceless, and therefore is a gift one must give himself, whether he is in the creative business or not.

In relation to this, I have been working on a small project to give due credit to something that helped me not feel completely alone — music that served as soundtrack to moving trains, changing seasons and quiet Sunday afternoons at home.

Using a single shape for each piece, I tried to create images of the music that have kept me company in the last months, which could serve as visual riddles for those who surround themselves with the same music as well.

Aside from wanting a more coherent iTunes screensaver, I thought it could be interesting to see what things can come out of solitude, both in shapes and in current states.


- Kat



Ed Nacional is a freelance designer & illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York. He has also done nice branding works for Skillshare and Duet. I especially like his branding work for Coursekit.

Tarsius is Pedicab’s Diego Mapa & Radioactive Sago Project’s Jay Gapasin electronic project.

Deathless Gods


From the Mountains fet Caliph8 + Malek


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