Welcome to the new Plus63.net, a website showcasing a collection of Filipino creativity. The site will primarily be about Filipino creatives: their work, studios, and events. We’ll also add new content that includes features on student work and interviews.  Of course, we’ll share amazing and helpful stuff for creatives.

Enjoy the new site. Yey.

Dan, Val & Bel

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Meneer Marcelo makes really good looking caricatures. He also holds drawing and illustration workshops from time to time. His most recent one is the Head Drawing Essentials 2 at the F*ART Gallery.

You can register here.

Janne Rey Soriano’s Senior Thesis was the redesign of the LRT’s environmental and graphic design. His solution was not just aesthetically good, but very functional as well. I really liked how he mixed old and modern elements in his redesign.

You can download the PDF of the full presentation here.