Welcome to the new Plus63.net, a website showcasing a collection of Filipino creativity. The site will primarily be about Filipino creatives: their work, studios, and events. We’ll also add new content that includes features on student work and interviews.  Of course, we’ll share amazing and helpful stuff for creatives.

Enjoy the new site. Yey.

Dan, Val, Bel & the rest of the Plus63 Design Co. team.

For submissions kindly email us at

The new site is running on the Ulap v2.0 theme. (We don’t provide support for this theme).

Lots of thanks to Mediatemple for hosting the site.


  1. Whe it will be available for download?

  2. Thank you ! great theme!

  3. You’re welcome Stephen! Enjoy the theme :)

  4. I like its minimalism

  5. I love your theme and I m currently working on into my webpage.I have a suggestion.If the sub pages could appear as a drop down it would be easier to navigate and less cluttered.Currently they appear below the page.With a lot of sub pages life just becomes difficult.Thanks.

  6. thanks alot man! Lovely theme

  7. Hi,
    I love this theme and am using it for my personal blog. I made a few adjustments But I used your structure as a framework. Thanks!

  8. Hello +63, can I work to your company as a graphic designer? Or do you have any project based for graphic designing right now?

  9. Hi there.

    Guys, i need you help.

    Plz explain me, what shall i edit in comments.php file to get the open form of commenting like here ??? :)

    I downloaded the last theme version but to make comments everyone needs registration the reference which directs to wordpress admin page :)

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