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Cinemanila International Film Festival “Waterworld” TBWASantiago Mangada Puno
MERALCO “Toaster” TBWASantiago Mangada Puno
“Riles” TBWASantiago Mangada Puno

Lasik Surgery Clinic “Before & After” DM9JaymeSyfu
Music 1 “Obit Campaign” DM9JaymeSyfu
Gabriela “Duct Tape” DM9JaymeSyfu

Childhope Asia Philippines “Childhope cans” Single BBDO Guerrero
Childhope Asia Philippines “Childhope cans” Campaign BBDO Guerrero

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jayson Jayson Atienza was born in Batangas City, Philippines and raised in Jersey City, NJ where he began drawing at the tender young age of five. Starting out as a design major at The School of Visual Arts, Atienza became intrigued with the creative possibilities of mixing and matching different textures and started experimenting with the process of combining media. Jayson’s free-hand execution of the watercolor and ink style has caught the attention of those highly regarded in various fashion segments from coast to coast. Some of his clients include Jeremy Piven, Tiger Woods, David Lachapelle, Benj Gershman (O.A.R.) and Andre Farr CEO of BSAA (Black Sports Agents Association)

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You may have seen this TV commercial by BBDO Guerrero and Director Mike Alcarazen to promote the local properties we have in the Philippines to International buyers. It has been airing for quite sometime now and I was particularly caught by the brilliant illustrations done by 28 year old freelance Illustrator May Ann Licudine. Her illustrations have a distinct Filipino style which blends beautifully with her pastel pallete and charming characters. Definitely one of the best illustrators in the Philippines.

The animators and post production houses (Holy Cow Animation, Provill, and Optima Digital) did an amazing work as well. Although for the website, I have to say it didn’t do justice to the tv commercial.

Fun Fact:  Veteran graphic designer and illustrator Cynthia Bauzon-Arre was actually in a Coke TV commercial back in the good ‘ol 80s!  It is quite a small part where she appears as part of the young crowd, but still!  Check that out!!  It’s Pinoy TV history!  Debbie Gibson hair on everyone!  Coke in bottles!  Ultra in somewhat of a primordial form!  It’d almost remind you of how Megamall used to be a talahiban, your dad used to ride the Love Bus to work,  and you can’t get that “RA Home Vision” tune out of your mind.

Link via Cynthia Bauzon-Arre’s Plurk.  She claims to be the kid in the yellow sweater to the right of the screen around the 0:34 mark. :)