Explore the Philippine Islands one tshirt at a time. A terrific new tourism/Tshirt website from Team Manila.

Beautiful new shirt (Bad Boy) from Kristina Collantes over at Threadless!

Jeepney clothing emphasizes the importance of expression into the apparel world. There are a variety of ways people express their own unique style. Their recently launched featured artist section acknowledges a diverse group of artists who express their own individuality, personality and style through different forms of art.

The WASHDAY Signature Series is a regular themed open-shoot concocted by the Bleach and Stain team to provide fantastic and surreal sets for anyone wanting to have a great photo. Here, creativity takes center stage as costumes and accessories, sets and styling, photography and processing all fuse to create a visual feast. It’s a nice initiative from Bleach and Stain, a young of graphic designers, photographers  & set designers.

Jay Nicolas Sario (a proud pinoy) is ripping it at the latest season of Project Runway proving to be quite a competitor this season having won two challenges already. Before the show, he worked as a visual merchandiser and lead stylist at Gap Kid’s division and have studied Fashion Technology at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu. Read more about Jay on this interview at Fabsugar. View his profile here.