Philippines by Filipinos
by  Bea Areilza (a HyperIsland graduate)

CLIENT: The Philippines

BRIEF: Brand the country

CONCEPT: Philippines by Filipinos

We wanted to create a brand that identified with the eastern and western culture influence in The Philippines. As well as the character of its citizens and the country that were boiled down to three key words: CREATIVITY, DIVERSITY and COMMUNICATION.

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Welcome to the new, a website showcasing a collection of Filipino creativity. The site will primarily be about Filipino creatives: their work, studios, and events. We’ll also add new content that includes features on student work and interviews.  Of course, we’ll share amazing and helpful stuff for creatives.

Enjoy the new site. Yey.

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Kasey Albano is looking for work, but I personally think she should start her own thing. Her works remind me of the illustration styles of Ed Nacional & Blanca Gomez. Here’s the download link to her CV/folio.