A new music video for Techy Romantics by 27+20.

This is how you do infomercials. This is just amazing. It’s very viral too. Presenting: SEXBOMB GIRLS in ‘BILOG NA HUGIS ITLOG’ Music Video for the 2010 AUTOMATED ELECTION


The Acid House Post’s new work for Velvet Station ID is hot with pink and sexy beautiful people. Watch the video here.


Ambisyon 2010 is an ANC special that features 20 independent filmmakers who will tackle their version of the state of the nation. 15 filmmakers have already been selected and 5 more slots are open for aspiring filmmakers to be funded by ANC to premiere alongside critically acclaimed directors. Click here for more information, or watch the video.


Media Mag just featured Neuron/Campaigns & Grey Philippines‘ new beautiful ad for Nissin entitled ‘Haiku’ which uses its Japanese heritage to differentiate itself from it’s competitors.

Video and credits here.