An LA-based Filipino (Mark Redito) and Korean (Susan Park) duo that plays indie-pop infused with electronica. My Parasol has been creating adventure and what can only be described as a union of holy matrimony between the sunny California melody with the witty and hip electronic soundscape that seems modern and retro all at the same time.

Check out their music here

Techisoba – electronica junkie also known as Chad Manzo finally released his album for free! Download The Vanishing here.

Michael Tesch aka Midi OK! is a musician, freelance photographer & graphic artist based in Cebu City Philippines. He has collaborated musically with bands like Urbandub namely on the song “City of Sleeping Hearts” which can be found in Dub’s Embrace Album, which also contains filler ambient works in between songs. As a thank you to the fans and their continued support, he is giving away the new midi OK! album 100% free, exclusively via Download here

It’s Manila Design Week next week. See you guys there.


MTV and DOT just had another fruitful collaboration this time with B.E.P’s This music video also serves as a tourism campaign to attract more people to come to the Philippines. Awesome video is done by We Are Royale – another top motion design agency based in LA.

See the music video here.