vvA few weeks back Val and I have been discussing the possibility of creating a site that gives you a “tour” around the Philippines. A sites and sounds type of site, with  a different twist. You don’t post the usual tourist spot visuals and  ethnic Filipino music, but present alternative images and sounds. We agreed that the experience should be presented frame by frame as if you’re watching a slideshow with sfx. We internally called it a “static movie” — an oxymoron that clearly described what we wanted to do with the site. We’ve been tinkering with the site code and design, and we were lucky to get elmar (Koyz) to do  the javascript magic. Another interesting thing we did is add a google map link to show where the photo was taken. In the future, it would be cool if we can use the music created by local bands and promote them in the site at the same time. We present you Plus63.com the sister site of Plus63.net. :D

Enjoy the experience…frame by frame.

The Department of Tourism Philippines has partnered with MTV Asia to launch a new campaign called Awesome Philippines to promote our country’s popular summer vacation spots. A great effort by DTI to attract tourists from around Asia to our lovely shores.

Charmaine Clamor is America’s leading Filipina jazz and world vocalist, achieving the rare feat of making the Top-5 on both JazzWeek’s World (#2 ranking) and Traditional Jazz (#4) radio charts simultaneously.
You can listen to her songs here.

Everywhere We Shoot rolls out their Oktober Updates.

The invite says it all. Support Ang Bandang Shirley! Drop by their Multiply and MySpace sites.
Thank You Helen for sending this.