21 more days before the grandest graphic design conference in the south. See you in Cebu this February 9!

With presentations from:
Dan Matutina (illustration)
Charles Buenconsejo (photography)
Don Frasco (film & cinematography)
Dwynn Trazo (information graphics)
Gem Ronn Cadiz (animation & visual effects)
Harvey Tolibao (comic illustration)
Alduane Mano (apparel)

Check out their website www.visualdesign.ph

Something awesome for a Saturday night! Bloom Arts Festival features more than 90 artists in the visual arts, sculpture, motion, performance and installation. Drop by for amazing music, food and drinks. See you on September 29, at Cubao X!

By clicking through links from I can’t remember where, I got by Aleyn Comprendio’s website. I must say, I’m really loving the photographs and imagery she takes. My personal favorite is the “Time Passes” series.

Go visit her site, now. :)

I saw this on tumblr yesterday and I immediately liked it. It’s by Andre Montejo, and it’s called Postcards & Postscripts. Click on the link to view the whole series.

If you want to learn Food Photography, 50 Feasts is the place to go.

Run by the people from PhotoKitchen, 50 Feasts specializes in food photography. They currently have basic food photography & food styling classes scheduled.