Tracianne and Trasienne, gifted with an eye for all things unconventionally beautiful, these two sisters capture the moments we take for granted through their trusty analog cameras, providing a visual feast for their viewers, who sit tightly waiting for the next set of photographic dreams to materialize.

Done by a team of travel enthusiasts from Manila, Officially Philippines is travel guide to the beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Cebu-based illustrator and photographer Johanna Velasco has a new website.

The WASHDAY Signature Series is a regular themed open-shoot concocted by the Bleach and Stain team to provide fantastic and surreal sets for anyone wanting to have a great photo. Here, creativity takes center stage as costumes and accessories, sets and styling, photography and processing all fuse to create a visual feast. It’s a nice initiative from Bleach and Stain, a young of graphic designers, photographers  & set designers.


KidRobot just realeased their 2010 Spring Lookbook. The new collection was shot by photographer & graffiti artist Tilt when he traveled to Manila.